May 09, 2010

As of late..


So I came home from venturing to the cinemas with some uber cool french friends of mine that I have come to love and don't want to leave them in a mere 6 weeks time, to realise that I have the bestest friends (Viv & Ella to be precise) back home in Perth. I recieved this package filled with goodies that literally had me on the floor laughing. Firstly, I got resupplied with paw paw ointment in where I was running dangerously low on supply. Secondly, I got sent two skirts and a pair of shorts that a desparately needed for the summer weather (you see, I finished packing my suitcase whilst drunk a few hours before my flight, practically chucked in whatever looked good and completely forgot that Europe does get warm in the summer...). Thirdly, a book titled How to be Cool. Pft, as if I need instructions. However the best of all was the literally millions (well not literally, figuratively (reference to xkcd comic here)) of postcards that had personal jokes written on almost every single one of them. To top it off, it was wrapped in a bubble tea plastic bag (grr it was easyway and not utopia, which is totally superior) that made me craveee my honey bubble tea with aloe vera & lychees (and the true asian emerges)!

In other news, one of my french friends lent me his copy of Alice in Wonderland. I've being dying for some English Literature as everthing in the libraries here are all in French, so far it's just as good as I imagined it to be (and a little ashamed that it's taken me this long to pick it up, I mean isn't Alice in Wonderland for kids?) I also bought a guide book of Bordeaux (about 3 months too late, oh well) and have highlighted all the things I have to do before I leave. I only have 44 more days left in Bordeaux, and then 75 days until Perth as I will be doing a bit of travelling before I jet back down under. J'espère que vous passiez un bon weekend!

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