May 08, 2010

around the town.

(kodak disposable)


  1. You're going to come back to Perth and be like 'this place is such a shit hole.'

  2. come back? pfft never, i'm never coming home. and i already do think that, however i have to admit that there are the little things about perth that make me miss it enormousley. things like running into people everywhere you go, bubble tea, being a big fish in a small pond so-on and so-fourth. i find that when you travel you end up in two boats; you either realise how much you love the place that you come from, or how much you want to leave it. I'm not quite sure what boat i'm in, however i have realised that perth will always be my home.

  3. Gaah, you're going to have to show me your tricks for photography! I love taking pictures, but I know next to nothing on the technique level, ahaha. Super shots-- My fav is the second. :D