March 20, 2010

Life and whatnot.


Updating has been slow this week, I guess it's because there's not much interesting stuff going on. Don't get me wrong, I'm still having an amazing time in France, but at the moment it's pretty much school and study. My French comprehension has improved immensely, so I've started paying attention in class, making notes and whatnot. In Literature class we're study Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal, which is amazing. I ordered a translated copy that has the paralled French text on Amazon which should be arriving in the next few days, so I can keep up in class. In Histoire we just finished France in World War One. It's harder to keep up in History because it's a whole lot of information, as well as analysis but I think i'm getting there. Maths would have to be the easiest subject, as it's pretty much Year 12 Maths all over again. And everyone thinks i'm a pro at basketball. Atleast I win at something, because I practically fail at every other subject. Even in English class, my teacher asked me to read out this poem from the 18th Century, and it was filled with old English words that I couldn't pronounce. Pretty embarrassing.

My host sister has a Spanish correspondant at the moment. It's quite amusing, as the three languages (English, French & Spanish) are getting all mixed up. It's really cool talking with Manual (the Spanish student) because our level of French is about the same, so we talk in basic French as it's our only common language. It also forces me to speak in French instead of saying it in English when I get stuck (as I do most of the time).

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