February 09, 2010



Apparently the sales here end on Wednesday, and I still haven't found my perfect pair of black boots that i've been dying to buy since I got here. I'll just have to keep looking, i'm absolutly terrible at shoe shopping. I always see so many pretty shoes whenever i go shopping, but for some strange reason I never try anything on. The opposite goes for clothes though, I try everything on, I guess i'm not big on accessories. For everyone who told me to take a look at H&M and Zara, I don't really see what all the fuss is about. It's nice stuff, relatively inexpensive but nothing in particular caught my eye. I wish they had topshop here. I remember the first time I walked into topshop it was heaven, and I bought almost everything (I do admit though, you do have to search, there is a whole pile of trash too). I'm quite dissapointed in the shopping here though, maybe i'm not looking in the right places. Aside from that, life here is pretty damn good. I'm terribly homesick though, it's one thing leaving all your friends but when it's hard to make new ones (due to the language barrier) it gets pretty lonely. But no place is boring when i've got my camera (and when i'm in France)! i've been eating many many baguettes and sipping hot coffee, now all I need to do is ship a few human sized suitcases over and life will be bliss!

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  1. keep smiling chicky..go buy some fab french shoes!! its so sunny here im over it i would fly to london 2moro for some freeezing weather