February 10, 2010

Saint Emilion

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(source; me)

These photos are tragically getting on the side of tourist. Apologies, recently this blog has turned more diary-for-people-back-home rather than a visual diary filled with photography, film and fashion. Things like street style is hard to do over in another language (sometimes, I even find it hard to do in Perth!), when you can hardly order food. I have seen the most gorgeous winter outfits though, things that you'd just never see in the southern hemisphere. I keep wanting to take photo's, but I think i'll have to improve my French first. Everyone is always so chic here, even too school. All the girls wear heel oxfords and swing jackets, and the boys look so dapper in v-neck lacoste jumpers and dress shirts! It's so stylish. I was considering investing in my very own swing jacket, but then I realised i'm not a size 0 and can't get away with things like that. Then I also realised that I live in Perth, when you only need a jacket when you're going far far away.

Anyways, these snaps are from a small town about 40 minutes out of Bordeaux called Saint Emilion. I made the trip up with my host parents, and it was absolutly stunning up there, these pictures really don't do it any justice. Its disspointing because the weather was so bad that day, raining and everything. There was sun for a split second, but I didn't have my camera out so these photos are pretty blah.

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