January 26, 2010

01.26 Second Day of School (...and missing Aus day!)

(lacoste jacket, scanlan & theodore scarf)

happy australia day aussies!

second day of school in france, c'est bon! i managed to sneak my coat upstairs, i'll have to try for the shoes next time. my outfits aren't very cool i must say, probably because i dont want to look too out of place here. i didn't take my doc martens at the very last minute, and i wish i did... i also need photoshop back, i hate the yellow-ness in the shots. i guess i'll just have to learn how to use my camera properly... lol


this is the inside of my house, j'aime ça! we eat bread with every meal, we just break it of and put it on the table, it's so cool! i will have to take images of the outside, its so cute! Mon français is improving by the second, but i still suck majorly! i've made heaps of friends though, they are all so nice! its bittersweet though, everything i seem to do reminds me of the twins (my best friends!) :( au revoir for now! i will try take images of my school tomorrow :)

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