January 26, 2010

01.25 First Day Of School..

(scanlan & theodore dress, DKNY wool sweater, banana republic blouse, country road scarf, mimco fingerless wool gloves, metalicus tights)

Okay, my uber cool Lacoste jacket and boots are downstairs (where they have to be kept), so i'll have to do my outfit post without the two most important items :( but this is what I wore to my first day of school! Pretty unoriginal outfit, however no one here knows that :P
I met the cutest French boy today! He showed me around the school and to all my classes, he's also one of the few people who can speak English very well! (and on that note, I swear my own English is deteriorating by the second, even writing this in English is becoming difficult!) It is amazing here though, everything is so beautiful and everyone rides bikes everywhere. I can't understand much, but im getting used to that. I've learned so much in the last 48 hours though! School is more fun than I would've thought, it's very much like school back home, but at the same time so different. People are very uniquely dressed, there's really a sense of personality in peoples clothes... more so than Perth. I've fallen into the arty crew, which doesn't surprise me one bit. Except for the fact that i can't draw :/ For the people who understand the French school system, I'm in Premiere and majoring in Fran├žais literature. Hopefully tomorrow i'll be able to sneak my boots and jacket upstairs for a proper outfit post :) bonne nuit!


  1. Don't fight the deterioration of your English - speak French!

    I love it how in ta nouvelle chambre there's a little alcove specially for the desk.

  2. mdr MOI AUSSI!!! i managed to get my coat into my room (and keep it there) after one week here...still working on the boots hahaha tell me how it goes!