November 20, 2009

France Exchange!


OMFG!! i received the details of my host family yesterday, and i've been placed in a commune called eysines which is 6km from Bordeaux!!! I'm assuming a commune is very much like a suburb, so if you think of it in perth terms it would just about as far as Nedlands from the city. I'm so excited, i just want to pack my bags now and leave!


  1. Je suis jalouse!!!
    Gosh, you are so lucky!

  2. wow, miss paris, its gonna be an awesome time, get ready for a great time in your life!

  3. wooooooooo so exciting :D
    what do you parents do/what are your sisters called/where are you gonna go to school?

    btw a commune is where everyone works together to provide income but noone actually owns anything

    i shall come visit you one day :)