November 27, 2009

11.22 High School Stereotypes

(source; me)

Yay! So glad to be home. This morning I was still drinking as the sun woke up, oops. I guess thats leavers though. It made for a nice breakfast. Anyways, onto the good stuff.. photo updates will be much more frequent in the next few weeks! I'm heading into the city to take some snaps soonish, so more Perth street style (yeah I've been a little lazy recently).

I hosted an end of year gathering for some friends of mine, with the theme being high school stereotypes. I was an attempt at a punk, along with Viv and Ella. My laptop has been returned without photoshop (which i usually use just to adjust color) so the quality of the images may be a little bad until I get around to purchasing it.

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  1. I love what you're all wearing. The sequins look very cool : )