November 21, 2016

bob & tom

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Various photos from Tasmania, July 2015

It's a Sunday afternoon and I'm currently sitting in bed enjoying the view outside my window into my apartment courtyard. I'm sorting through some of my old photos, some which I always intended to upload here but never got around to it. My boyfriend is sleeping on the floor because he has a weird thing about sleeping in bed when he's sick. It's approaching winter in Berlin, so days spent indoors like today are becoming more common. I'm bittersweet about this - on the one hand I've never had a winter Christmas before; the mulled wine is already popping up on every corner along with the decorations and the cheesy music which I secretly love. The bars are smokier and dark, the streets quieter. On the other, I'm sad because I'm most likely heading home in February and I long for just one more of those long summer days drinking beer in the park and riding around the city. I'm sad that I'll never experience Berlin in the same way again. Maybe we'll stay until next July, is the thought that pops up in general conversation at least once a day between my boyfriend and I. But my life in Berlin seems too transient - I can't stay forever (although I could come back) - and so I feel as though I can't build towards anything meaningful here. For now, I'm happy just seeing where things go - decisions don't need to be made for another six weeks. Maybe I will experience another Berlin summer again.

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