March 13, 2016

Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas

P1010037 P1010070 Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas, Berlin

I watched a German film called Victoria this week about a Spanish girl living in Berlin. The whole film is shot in real time and in one take, and follows her meeting a group of Berliners over a night. I don't want to give anything away - my only advice is to watch it, even without subtitles if you prefer, so you can really go into the mind of Victoria.

I've spend most of my evenings after class going to the gym, cooking dinner and then studying two hours of German. It can be lonely sometimes, but there is something refreshing about routine and having enough time for myself to do things that I always skip for a social occasion back home. I really cherish the free-ness I have in Berlin, the lack of commitment I have to many things, the idea of living life a little slower but more enriched. My boyfriend is coming in two weeks, so maybe that will change things a little bit, but I'm excited to have company again.

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