January 18, 2016

Flohmarkt im Mauerpark

P1170138P1170133P1170129P1170126P1170124P1170100P1170097P1170092 Flohmarkt im Mauerpark, Berlin

Today I ventured to the very famous Flohmarkt im Mauerpark (the markets in Mauerpark) for some bric a brac goodness, and it did not disappoint. I left with a very cool Russian fur hat and an old school map of Bordeaux (my old city) from 1911. The markets were filled with tea pot sets, plenty of cool film cameras and vintage clothing from the 90s, and if it wasn't so cold I probably would have tried on more things. The temperature hovered at about -1 all day, which left me chilled to the bone. The only plus was the warm mulled wine that tried feebly to warm my body up. All in all, a pretty awesome market and I am sure I will be back when the weather is more appropriate.

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