July 26, 2015

the night before the start

C003281-R1-18-18 Dronning Louises Bridge, Copenhagen February 2015

It's the Sunday evening before the return of uni and I always find there is something ever-so bittersweet about this moment. These holidays are definetly going to be placed up there in the most memorable category - from the best series of dates I've ever had, to ice skating jams, plenty of hikes throughout Perths local national parks, karaoke nights and to top it all off a spontaneous camping trip down south - I don't think I've ever had to much fun or been so happy in my life. Maybe I'm slightly smitten, I don't know, but for once I'm not all too excited to go back to university (strange for me, as by now I usually have gotten a headstart on the semesters readings and lined up my schedule). Its okay though, I'm embracing this feeling of slight disorganisation, and I am looking forward to some sense of routine again, even if that means doing the sensible thing like being in bed by midnight instead of looking at the stars and going on adventures with boys.

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