May 15, 2015


C003280-R1-26-26 Paris, January 2015

Over the past couple of weeks I have been completely caught up in the most complicated constitutional law assignment I have ever faced during my university years. I finally managed to submit it - a day late - after a weeks worth of sleepless nights and plenty of clicks of the delete and re-write buttons. Despite the stress, it was probably one of the most interesting assignments I've worked on and made me incredibly grateful for the opportunity to study such a magnificent but demanding degree. It made me look forward to the days where I can use my knowledge to help the community and make real social change.

In other areas of my life, after my exams are over in mid-June I'm hoping to make a small trip to Tasmania for some wintery goodness, as well as a quick stop to Melbourne beforehand. I've been doing extensive research into the many hikes and trails I can discover, as well as the events I should see as part of the Dark Mofo Festival happening when I'm over there. So far, I think I've settled on a hike from Hobart to Mount Wellington, a day trip to New Norfolk or potentially the Mount Field National Park, a morning discovering the beatiful Museum of Old & New Art, a day trip to Port Arthur and if I get the chance, a day trip to Launceston to see the Cataract Gorge. I would have loved to have tackled the six day hike up Cradle Mountain, but unfortunately funds and time are keeping me from this until next time. Also, it would be nice to have a buddy I think.

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