March 22, 2015

The Daily Grind

C003280-R1-08-8C003280-R1-07-7 Walking along the Seine in the dead of winter, January 2015

The past week has been unbareably difficult for no reason whatsoever. If anything, things have been really great - objectively speaking - but I just can't shake of this feeling. Maybe its the grind of semester getting to me, and the monotony of daily life, which is strange because I'm generally a fan of routine. But in all times of despair, I have a tendency just to become really busy so I can't think about anything too indepthly.

Things that have been great include - my bike arrived this week and it is so pretty. It's from Tokyo so I have aptly named it Kumiko (after the Japanese film I'm about to see tonight), and it glides so perfectly. It's a mixte, so a half-step through which allows me to wear dresses and skirts, but still good for fast riding if need be. I've ridden to class three times already (its about a 24km return journey) and to the city to have dinner with friends twice (about a 16km return journey). It's already saved me so much on petrol and I can feel myself getting slowly better at it the more I ride. My riding routine has forced me to get up a little earlier (which is actually great) to have breakfast and coffee before I leave (which is a first). I'm looking into buying an aeropress, but for the moment my housemate's french press is producing quality coffee.

Also, I've been maintaining my boxing classes 2 - 3 times a week, and again I feel as though I can finally do the routine 100x better than my first week of classes. I started swimming as well but so far haven't felt the most comfortable in the classes I've been in, I might shop around a little bit with the pools in the area before settling on one. I also joined my universities competitive basketball team for the rest of the semester. And Swing Dancing! Which is the ultimate pick-me up, but probably not the most energetic out of all the things I could be doing, but it's great.

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