March 09, 2015

Things that have happened recently

C003280-R1-28-28C003280-R1-31-31C003280-R1-30-30C003280-R1-29-29 Around the 10th Arrondissemont Paris, January 2015

So I have been doing an unfortunate amount of my least favourite thing ever, that is sleeping in until 11am every morning. It leaves me feeling lethargic, unproductive and altogether like a very badly put together human being and not exactly ahead of all those neat little goals I thought I could achieve this semester. Other goals included catching the bus to uni everyday instead of driving - nope, that has occurred a grand total of once over a two week period, whoops. Some sort of daily exercise - a little bit, I mean as long as swing dancing counts then I think I have that one checked. Actually on that note, I attended a dance workshop this weekend which was super fun and got the groove side of things more down pact than before so hopefully I look slightly more elegant on the d-floor.

Other things that happened this week included seeing my favourite band (no, I don't say that about every band I ever see) First Aid Kit. They were so endearingly charming as they played their fantastic set which included a lovely encore of Emmylou complete with audience choir. I also watched Wild which was good, not great, but has since inspired me to take two months out of my schedule to walk the entire Bibbulmun Track. I just have to invest about two grand in equipment and then I'm ready to go. But seriously - it's something I would love to do, to gain some perspective and to force myself into my own head. Maybe this winter, time will tell.

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