February 14, 2015

Homeward Bound

C001870-R1-14-15A_1 C001870-R1-15-16A_1 C001870-R1-16-17A_1 C001870-R1-17-18A_1 Toodyay, September 2014

I'm currently sitting at Qatar airport on my way back to little Perth. If you've been following me on instagram, you would know that I just came back from Copenhagen yesterday after a spontaneous trip to visit friends living there, and the city it truly a little gem. Its small, like Perth, but concentrated, like a real city and it's super cool that there are wide bike lines that encourage everyone to ride everywhere. It has definetly encouraged me to (finally) invest in a bike that I have been meaning to do for some years now. Besides being super expensive (seriously coffee verges on $9), the city does pretty much everything well. All the shops, bars and cafes that I went to are perfectly fitted out like a hipster haven, the streets are clean and the vintage shops are only a selection of the coolest trinkets from the past. Aside from Copenhagen, my days in Paris have been equally as inspiring, exciting and have brought back old memories of living in France. I've had such a great time there, having dinner with my old french friends, listening to all their stories about being creatives in Paris, speaking french everyday, going to all the underground galleries and the very tourist packed museums and just about everything that Paris has to offer. I will write some more in depth stories about the trip when my photogaphs are developed, but for now I'm about to embark on a ten hour plane back to reality.

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