September 08, 2014

Tokyo Station

F1100023F1100022C828242-R4-24-3AC828242-R4-22-5A Tokyo Station, July 2014

I've had a bit of a silly weekend - on Friday I attended my faculty's ball at the Perth Convention Centre which was fun and exciting but exhausting at the same time. I had a few too many champagnes and possibly made a fool of myself (most likely, in fact) but I guess it's just lessons for next time. I love what I study but sometimes I get a little bit too caught up in the world of law and need some down time back to what really matters and what I really care about. I spent the rest of the weekend working, which made me utterly exhausted for the week to come (which is filled with a particularly nasty Torts assignment). Thankfully I don't have class til 2pm today so I've spent the morning sleeping in, doing my washing, arranging my finances cleaning my room and drinking coffee.

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