September 10, 2014


C828242-R2-08-20C828242-R2-07-21 Around Kyoto, July 2014

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

There's four more months of twenty fourteen, lets make them count. Here's what I have planned...
Enrol in Alliance Fran├žais classes
Donate Blood (tick, done today!)
Enrol in film photography & general DSLR photography classes
Look into some legal volunteer work
Produce a short film for my church
Buy a Contax T2 and carry it around with me at all times
Invest in some super cool green New Balance sneakers
Clean out my wardrobe, get back to the basics and sell/throw out anything that isn't worn
Sell my old camera lenses
Go on a camping adventure with friends and take photographs (Bluff Knoll?)
Learn more about filter coffee, invest in preferred brewing method once decided
Read five literature novels and five non fiction books
Be able to run 8km straight by the end of the year

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