August 25, 2014

you look like you've been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel

C828242-R7-07-21 Coffee and Cigarettes in Tokyo, July 2014

Most of my days in Japan started off like this - a coffee and a cigarette for breakfast while I either read my book or wrote some thoughts down. In Tokyo I found this amazing little cafe tucked away from one of the side streets of Shibuya. Inside it was dimly lit, filled with smoke and had lovely unique coffee cups that lined the walls. The coffee was about $10 a pop, but it was one of the best coffees I've had and have since been unable to find anything that replicates it back in Perth. Some coffee connoisseurs have told me that it would be difficult because of the very high quality of beans that they use in Japan that just aren't in demand in Perth. It was stronger than the filter coffee that I've found in the cafes here, but still had that very clean finish that filter coffee provides. Alas, I will have to return to Tokyo to ask more questions about it.

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