August 13, 2014

Week Three

C007088-R1-15-16AC007088-R1-11-12AC007088-R1-05-6A Empire State Building, July 2013

I'm right into week three of university where life is a little boring but I like it that way. Routine is a nice way to start habits and stick to goals. My main goal for the moment is to create a 9-5pm working day in where as soon as the clock strikes five I spend time reading for leisure, cooking dinner and watching films. Its been a nice balance, and I've found that I tend to get more things done than before - probably because procrastination is no longer an option unless I want to strike out my evenings. I'm also in the process of moving out to a lovely little townhouse in East Victoria Park. Its a stones throw away from a nice strip of cafes and restaurant as well as public transport and lovely parks. I'm looking forward to starting the next stage of my life, a little older, hopefully a litte wiser and with great friends who I can cook and watch films with everyday. I'll be sure to upload photographs of my new part of town in due course.

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