July 14, 2014

All or nothing?

C004618-R2-34-35_1 C004618-R2-28-29_1 Times Square NYC, July 2013

I realised today that life doesn't have to be a big all or nothing. Just a little bit of context to this realisation - since returning home from Japan yesterday I have been thinking about several grand plans to travel the world, drink coffee, read extensively about philosophy, take photographs and learn several languages. These plans included spending a year in Japan, going on a semester exchange to Berlin and spending another six months in my favourite country, France. It seems like a big side step to my hopes and dreams of about three months ago, which included in the next five years buying a house, setting up shop and being a junior lawyer in a major law firm. I love learning and studying law, and I wish to continue but it's difficult to imagine a life being a lawyer in an office when there is so much more of the world out there. Then, the realisation hit that the two are not incompatible. It is possible to spend time travelling, just not all of it. And it is possible to be a lawyer and do this, but I think one might have to accept that you might not be the best lawyer. It's pretty simple really, but often my mind becomes to romanticised in the thought that life has to be one or the other. So here's to the future!

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