June 08, 2013

New Years 2013

C003182-R1-13-14C003182-R1-11-12C003182-R1-08-9C003182-R1-06-7C003182-R1-05-6C003182-R1-03-4C003182-R1-02-3C003182-R1-01-2C003182-R1-07-8 Man, these really are old. For New Years my boyfriend and I drove up spontaneously to Toodyay (about an hour out of Perth) to celebrate at a friends farm. Good times were enjoyed by all, and the night became very nostalgic when we all shared lovely stories of our friendships. On the down side, the night was ridiculously and unbearably hot and was littered with mosquitos, luckily those are the things that are never remembered. The drive home at 5am the next morning was one of the loveliest memories I have, despite the hungover head and extreme tiredness. There was something very serene about the Australian countryside at the crack of dawn in a New Year, I wish I took some photographs... but alas.

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