January 07, 2013


421135_575227535824538_734234231_n_zpsb33e09fe Came back from Southbound yesterday with a burn scalp and plenty of good times. Didn't take a single shot from my disposable probably because this was the first year that I didn't go with my best friend photographer buddy Viv. But oh well, new friends were made and new music discovered; most specifically First Aid Kit (omgosh they were wearing the same Swedish Has Beens that I have!) The bands that I previously loved, and fell more in love with, included the following: The Hives, The Flaming Lips, Hot Chip and Beach House. A band that I may have fallen a little out of love was Maximo Park... who knew their lead singer was so dorky (and not in a good way). I still had fun dancing to Apply Some Pressure.

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