October 02, 2012

October Photography Night Walk

DSC_0706DSC_0762DSC_0717DSC_0711DSC_0700DSC_0702DSC_0692DSC_0646DSC_0611DSC_0613DSC_0599DSC_0631DSC_0549DSC_0658 I went to my third photography night walk in Subiaco tonight. We had a model and a couple of locations this time, my favourite being this last one from a carpark. The lighting was gorgeous and it was a really lovely place to shoot. I met some really cool Asian guys aswell who helped me out along the way. I'll post the rest from the other locations in days to come.

P.s. It's my one year anniversary this week, so I was lucky enough to wake up to breakfast in bed yesterday and today he took me out to a lovely picnic down at cottesloe beach followed by massages. Eeee, sorry to get all soppy and all, I'm really the luckiest girl ^_^

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