June 17, 2012


prometheus-movie-poster-slice Watched Prometheus the other night. Micheal Fassbender is such a badass. I've suddenly gone on a sci-fi obsession, probably spurred by my nerdy boyfriend, we tried to find Alien tonight but had to settle with Aliens instead. Man, even though they've tried to set it in the future and all, you just can't get rid of the bad 80s haircuts! It was really interesting comparing the two films to their contexts though- Prometheus was a very sterile and eerie version of the future that tried to ask the fundamental questions of existence. Aliens on the other hand was quite into the whole guns and excessive fighting, with not much philosophy into it at all. It would be pretty interesting to see if anyones done a write up comparing the two (things like, the way the different type casts reflected society, the interpretations of the future, the approach to the future, the whole we're-all-in-this-together-post-vietnam-war vibe of Aliens etc). I would but I'm sleepy and would have to see Alien first before I'd make any judgement.

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