February 05, 2012

Pan Am

PhotobucketPhotobucket Pan Am, along with Revenge, is probably my two favourite picks for the 2011/2012 television season. Set in the 60's, Pan Am is a period drama focusing on the lives of Pan Am stewardesses. The costuming is amazing, and the production value is set quite high (with the pilot episode costing $10 million to produce). The series avoids being typecast into a soppy women's drama, despite having four female leads, through linking many of the plot lines into political history. There's also a twist of Cold War espionage with the character of Kate, who in the second episode becomes an American spy due to her ability to travel seamlessly throughout the world.

Also, purchased a Nikon 50mm f/1.8D lens yesterday which set me back half a weeks paycheque but it is amazing. I've been saying that I've needed a new lens to get rid of the ugly vignetting that happens when I use my other lens for quite some time so I'm glad I invested. It's small and lightweight too, so I have a slight feeling this thing is going to follow me throughout the world. And considering I was given my Nikon F65 35mm SLR completely free of charge I thought spending a decent $150 on a lens for it was fairly reasonable (maybe this is just me justifying it to myself héhé)

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