December 02, 2011

Iku Sushi and whatnot

Viv and I had a lazy Thursday shopping slash errands fest. I ended up purchasing all these cheap silk shirts from a vintage store on William street called Miss Brown (it was so cute, I really should've asked to take snaps but it didn't occur to me at the time) which will be really cool to wear in the summertime. Then we lunched at Iku Sushi, also on William street. It's famous for its cheeseburger sushi but I've never been game enough to try it, there bento boxes with classic teriyaki chicken and fish are good and cheap.

The summer so far has been fairly lazy, Ive almost finished Norwegian Wood but I'm slowing down a little bit because it's starting to drag and become too crazy for my liking. I think I'm going to tackle Love in the Time of Cholera next, I've tried it once but couldn't get past the first chapter.

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