November 08, 2011

Study study

C008523-R1-04-5C008523-R1-03-4 I've been a lazy blogger, haven't really been doing anything all too interesting besides studying. I saw Norwegian Wood last week and I didn't love or hate it. I was planning on reading the book before the film, but I just ran out of time and it was about to leave the cinemas. I think when I saw it I was tired and in a bit of a crappy mood, plus it was really long so I lost a bit of concentration. I'll have to rewatch again in the holidays. I've bought so many freaking books over the past month that I just don't have a spare second to even consider reading them. I have to start sticking to the rule of, no buying of new books until all of the last ones have been read. I really can't see that happening anytime soon though.

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