October 01, 2011


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Man, Quinn is ridiculously hot in the latest episodes of Glee.

On that note, it's my favourite time of the year! That is the of month of returning television shows! I'm running a little bit behind on all the new season openers, and haven't even attempted to watch anything new. But so far, Gossip Girl is looking interesting and I'm quite surprised that they managed to keep it together for five seasons (I must admit though, there was a point where I almost stopped watching at the beginning of season four). Glee is average but the whole Quinn subplot is keeping me interested. And yup, actually that's all I've had time to keep up with. I still have to catch-up on Greys, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Community, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family and Law & Order:SVU. Gah, it's possible that I may watch an excessive amount of television. It's okay, I can justify it by being a Communications student ^____^

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