October 06, 2011

Fruit Markets

C008523-R1-01-2C008523-R1-02-3 Here's some snaps from the fruit markets in Phuket. After developing a few roles of my Nikon f60 (35mm) I've fallen in love with how it saturates the colours oh-so-much better than anything a digital camera could do. On the downside, I really need to buy a proper lens for this camera (i'm still using my 18-55mm lens intended for my Nikon D90) as this lens has a really ugly vignetting on 70% of the snaps. Besides that, I'm starting to love film much more than digital, however I find it works better for travel photography and whatnot as I prefer working with digital for social events. In other news, I've laid of posting for a tad as University has been ridiculous over the past week back and my life is becoming as dramatic as an episode of Gossip Girl. Rest assured, all is well.

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