September 13, 2011


Most people think of themselves as individuals, as if theres no one else like them on the planet. This motivates them to get out of bed, eat food and walk around like nothings wrong.
Oh yes, so the film. I fell in love with it! Two weeks in a row now, date night has had amazing films. The cinematography was gorgeous, the soundtrack (created by the lead singer of the Artic Monkeys, Alex Turner) was superb and the script was hilarious. I enjoyed the film much much more than the book, besides the change in ending (I won't spoil it for those of you who are yet to read and/or watch it). Directed by British comedian Richard Ayoade (most of you would probably recognise him as Moss from The IT Crowd), Submarine follows the story of fifteen year old Oliver Tate, who is concerned with two things- firstly his new-found relationship with Jordana Bevan, who is "moderately unpopular, therefore making romance between the two of them likely." and secondly the relationship of his parents, which he monitors through the dimness of his parents light switch. The film, from the trailer and publicity alone, seems like the trite coming-of-age story that we've all seen before blah blah blah. However Ayoade's soft cinematography, and playful script leaves pretentiousness out of the picture and in the thoughts of Oliver. The film pretty much reminded me of my nerdy pretentious albeit self loathing 15 year old person, and how he imagined his world to be like it is in the films and whatnot. Anyways, it's definitely going to be placed in my top 5 films of this year methinks.