July 13, 2011

New Room.


I moved house about 6 months ago and have yet to take some snaps, so here they are! It's much more spacious then my old room and its lovely and light in the afternoon. Urghh I've been home a week since Melbourne and I just can't find anything to do. I can't stand those people who say that they're bored all the time because only boring people say that they're bored... but these holidays just seem to be going by so slowly. It's bizarre that I spent a good 8 months last year doing nothing but do nothing and I didn't seem to get bored once. Oh well, uni timetable is done. Fingers crossed on a three day uni week, wooot! And it starts in 2 and a bit weeks. I think once it starts I won't really be complaining much longer.

One thing that I have managed to do these holidays is become completely obsessed with all forms of trashy high school television shows. At the moment it's Pretty Little Liars. It's so terrible, but I've always dreamed of having my very own Ezra...

I have 3 rolls of film from Melbourne in line to be developed and scan so once they are I will slowly start uploading and spilling the deets.

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  1. oh my your room is so lovely! i love all your little knick knacks. there is no uninteresting place to look.