July 20, 2011



At the moment I'm in the middle of uni holidays, so I've taken up both a few extra shifts at work and also I'm volunteering at the Revelations Film Festival screening over the next week at the Astor Theater in Mt Lawley. I've had fun these holidays, but I must admit the few days after Melbourne I went a little bit crazy with not much to do and no uni to stress about. There's another week and a half of holidays so I shall try and do the things that I never have time to do, that means uploading prints!

Here's some snaps from when I visited Malaysia for my cousins wedding in the middle of May. I didn't manage to take too many shots because I was too busy shopping and enjoying food (that's a lie, I spent most of it behind a computer trying to get all my assignments completed). But these are the first prints I've uploaded from my Nikon F65 film camera given to me by my uncle in January. They turned out wonderfully and I can't wait to take more on the next roll. The first set developed weren't too good (out of focus, off-centre etc) but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I'm also using a lens intended for my digital camera, which results in slight vignetting in some of the photos shot in lower lighting. It's cool in some photos, but in others it just looks like I'm trying too hard, when in actual fact I'm just too poor to buy a proper lens that fits my camera. Oh wells, this is the beginning of all the snaps to come!

Oh also, sorry my writing in this post is a little incoherent, I'm exhausted. Sleep time.

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