March 27, 2011

University & soforth...


So that's pretty much the epic recap of my 2011. I've extended the posts on the first day to accommodate all my new posts (I think i've just published about 15). It's been fairly hectic so far with no signs of stopping but i'm loving it and having fun so far. I'm now approaching my fifth week so the workload is piling up, but I think I should be able to bang through it fairly easily, I do only have 13 contact hours after all. I've managed to concentrate my timetable down to 3 days a week at uni, which leaves 2 days for work and then 2 days for leisure. Also, I was voted the Arts Union Fresher Rep, which means I sit on the Arts Union and do stuff (i'm not exactly too sure what that entails, but it sounds cool.)

The weather still refuses to cool down, so i've been living in my summer dresses and sandles. Nothing really too creative on the fashion wise, but hopefully i'll start taking some snaps soon. As soon as I bother to tidy my room up i'll take some shots of my new house and new room. It's a lot bigger than my old room, and a lot cooler methinks.

Anyways, I'll leave it with this last post for a couple of days, just so you kids can get through the past 15 without me bombarding you with more. I've got the blogging bug again, and I feel like taking my camera out more these days. So stalk away!

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