March 26, 2011

Sydney; Grandma Takes A Trip


Like I mentioned previously, I didn't take a great deal of snaps whilst in Sydney as most days were spent at the festival. The times when I did take snaps I was using a disposable merely because it was easier to lug around town with me and they have yet to be developed.


On one of the first few days in Bondi, Ella showed us one of her favourite stores in Sydney called Grandma Takes a Trip. We ended up visiting the two stores that reside in Sydney (one is in Bondi and one is on Crown Street closer to the city centre). Grandma takes a Trip sources most of their items from Europe and ensure that each piece was actually produced in the period that is intended.


Viv bought the coolest 90's orange Versace jeans, pictured bottom, as well as a 60s orange tunic. We all tried on the most gorgeous Laura Ashley 80's white ball gown that I would've loved to have purchased except for the fact that I would've had to have taken out a few ribs to fit into it. It sucks that most of the retro pieces are suited for body types that no longer exist in this modern age. I only purchased one item from the Bondi store, a full-piece purple swimsuit from the 60's however bought 2 dresses from the second store; a 60s white lace dress and a green shirt-dress with gold buttons.


The whole store was set up like a wardrobe filled with all different dresses, skirts, shirts from all different periods. It was like a treasure hunt in the store and we spent a decent hour or so trying on everything.

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