March 26, 2011

NYE Celebrations

Okay- lets back track a bit. Here's what the last three months has offered. Posts WILL be frequent from here on in, let's hope. Three months later I finally find the time to upload these photo's and recap my new years experience. New Years Eve fell unfortunately right before a three-day long music festival held three hours south of Perth called Southbound. Or should I say, Southbound was unfortunately scheduled on New Years Day. Anyways, my good friend Oscar decided to have everyone that was going to Southbound over at his humble abode (which was a shed) in a small country town called Cowarumup, which was about a 20minute drive to the festival. Several different social groups merged together, in what was a little bit of an awkward beginning but by the end of the night we were all dancing in the moonlight and became the best of friends.

We slept under the stars, and we were exhausted the next day. But it was all worth it. And I am a true believer that days that are expected to be good (i.e. Australia Day and New Years Eve) never are, however was proven quite wrong this evening. I think it was the fact that we were stranded in the middle of nowhere, so no one could rock up or bail just before the clock striked midnight. It was like a school camp in where everyone who attends is forced to get to know each other by the weeks end (ofcourse, the consumption of alcohol obviously accelerated this.)


It was the best start to the new years, and bright and early in the morning Oscar's lovely parents cooked us a delicious healthy bacon and eggs breakfast. We packed up our bags and were on our way for another three days of camping and music fun.

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