March 26, 2011

Flickerfest: Opening Night

The blog posts from here on in may be a little chronologically out of order, but i'll try my hardest to update everything over the past two months before I start on new stuff ^_^

During the first two weeks of January I boarded a four and a half hour flight from small town Perth to big town Sydney to volunteer at Australia's only Academy Award accredited film festival called Flickerfest. Flickerfest is an annual short film festival which is screened over the course of 10 days. Like always, it was held at the Bondi Pavilion right on Bondi Beach. My two best friends, Ella and Viv, traveled with me (Ella has helped out at the festival the past three years running). We stayed in Bondi however managed to take a few days off from the festival to do some shopping and venture into the city.


Opening night was amazing fun. We danced with characters from Star Wars (as a result of this years theme of Flickerfest being Star Wars) but also worked super hard due to the summer rain kicking in and thus everyone scattered from the outdoor cinema to the covers. We had to deal with chaos (the rain showed no sign of stopping, thus the opening night screening almost didn't take place!) We eventually moved everyone into the indoor cinema, which housed about half the size of everyone who arrived whilst the volunteers cleaned the outdoor cinema in the pouring rain. But it was all worth it for the after party.


We served pizza and drinks to the one and only Kris Marshall (okay, for those of you who don't know, he played the English guy who traveled to America in Love Actually). Yeah, that guy. He was hilarious, in real life and we even got the pizza box that he ate from signed by him! I met various other Australian actors which included Bryan Brown (who stars in Heath Ledger's acting debut and one of my favourite Australian films Two Hands (1999)). I also had a good chat to the director, producer and writer of the film David Michôd. He was extremely modest and flattered at all the attention the film was receiving. Two years prior he had also entered a film into Flickerfest proving that the film festival was a stepping stone for directors to make feature films.


Viv, Ella and I had a few drinks and danced to Cee Lo, all in all it was a super cool night which made us excited for the two weeks ahead of us.

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