August 15, 2010



Sometimes we have to give other people more credit than we're giving them, perhaps a little bit more trust. Trust that they're not going to run at every single stupid thing that you do. And sometimes we have to give ourselves a little bit more credit than we're already giving; that perhaps the mistakes we're making are just human and normal. Insecurities are always going to be there, and there are two ways in which we can deal with them; we either let them get the best of us or we somehow manage to sort out the problems that we have. Without them, we're just inhuman. We all look at the next person as if their life is all put-together. They're gorgeous, intelligent and in what you consider the best relationship ever. However, nothings ever perfect. Their insecurities are just as stupid as yours, but they're still there. There isn't really any other way we can go about them. Just get up the next day and tell yourself that you're being stupid, and that that's just life. And then, only then, can you really ever get over them.


  1. where is this place? the food looks amazing ha.x

  2. its at tiger tiger. we tried one of their desserts. yummy :P