July 28, 2010

Jusqu'à Toi

(screencaps via Mélanie Laurent)

You know i'm a sucker for indie romance flicks. Put them in French and you pretty much have me before the previews even start rolling. So Jusqu'à Toi (English title; Every Jack has a Jill) practically had me in love before I even rocked up to Luna Paradiso today. Then the opening song by Kate Nash came on, coupled with the knowledge that one of my favourite French actress' Mélanie Laurent would be coming on screen very soon and after that it wasn't just love- i'm not exactly sure if there is a word to describe it, but it was some sort of deep love. Mélanie Laurent's character Chloé was absolutely adorable- a good mix of innocent dreamer however cynical about reality. The story follows an American man who looses his suitcase whilst on a trip that he won to Paris. Chloé, a French girl on a business trip from Brussels, ends up with the bag, goes through his things and slowly imagines the man of her dreams based on his possesions. And then they happen to fall in love. Deluded? Probably. Unrealistic? Yes. But that's the story. And it is completely adorable. Oh and they just happen to meetup in my favourite place in the entire world- the steps of Sacré Cœur.

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