March 31, 2010

Les Fleurs du Mal


Currently, in my Français Litterature class (they spell Literature with two l's in French) we're studying Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal. So I found and ordered a copy of the book off Amazon which has the English translation along with the parallel French text. It's made studying quite a lot easier, and helped me appreciate Baudelaire's poetry. In other news, I have a 2009 film summary in the works (it's taken me some time) as well as a summary of the many films that I have seen in the past month. I'm slowly writing short reviews for them all in the midst of trying to learn a language and immerse myself in the French life. I've also starting paying attention in class, and the workload is doubled for me because I have to translate everything aswell as learn it. March has been slow, my fellow exchange student friend Sarah is coming down in two weeks, so I can assure you much more updates then as i'll have a photography buddy! It will also be vacances, thus more time to do shiz. For now, Bisous.


  1. hope your having an awesome time! happy easter xo

  2. currently reading 'le petit chose'- alphonse daudet and struggling with the archaic french :S. a copy of the english translation might be worth investing in hahah

    bet you can't wait for holidays!!! bonnes vacances!!