February 26, 2010

Paris: 02.22 Street Chic

(source; me)

After this, we went shopping in a really cool district that is tailored more for the younger crowd. Sarah and I parted from our families and managed to have some alone shopping time. I bought plenty of tacky souvenirs that I'm sure all of you back in Perth are going to LOVE. Plus plenty of postcards, that you can look forward to recieving in the mail within the coming weeks. It was here that I ran into this Parisien girl, I think I kinda fell in love with her. Ah, she is gorgeous! She didn't speak any English, so I asked in my best french accent to take a picture of her, which she happily accepted. Everything, the oversized blazer, the biker boots and that hair! Ah, she was just perfect. She looks half-asian too!

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