February 26, 2010

Paris: 02.23 Starbucks avec Sarah


After the Musée Arts de Metiers, I met up (again) with my good friend Sarah from Perth. She's also on an exchange, however she's placed way up in the north (as i'm in the south!) We just happened to be in Paris at the same time though, which was awesome! You have no idea how tiring it is speaking another language all day. Even when I speak English to people, it has to be simplified and slowed down. So it was nice being able to speak fluent english again, have a few laughs, share exchange stories and SHOP! In a previous blog post, I mentioned that I was dissapointed with H&M and Zara. Well, I have no idea what I was talking about to be honest. Half the stuff that I've bought here has been from those two very stores, including the MOST French chic black dress that I bought on sale from Zara for 6euros. I'll have to start taking more pictures, it's diffilcult and very frustrating with timer though. There's not really many nice places to take pictures in my room aswell, and I don't have my photography buddy here to take decent photographs of me, so i've ended up deleting most of the ones i've taken. Anyways, Sarah and I went to the absolutly massive Galleries Lafayette where she bought some gorgeous suede shoes. I'm really finicky about shoes, and can NEVER seem to find any that I like. And if you saw how freaking massive the shoe level was, well the fact that I still couldn't find any shocks even me. I bought a million and one different colored tights from H&M and then we settled down for a drink in Starbucks.

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