December 19, 2009

The French Kissers


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I went to see The French Kissers after work on Friday, and must say that it was one of the best teenage-orientated films that I have seen in a long time. To begin with, it was freaking hilarious and captured the essence of being a socially awkward teenage quite perfectly (and, might i add, brought back some terrible memories of being 15 myself). The indefinite ending and spineless narrative merely added to the actuality of the production, making it just a snippet of reality as opposed to a glamorized version of teenage life with the classical hollywood narrative that resolves the big problem that was brought up in the opening scene. It wasn't a film that took reality to its extremes. It didn't portray teenage life to be more excruciating then it perhaps was/is, or on the other hand portraying it to be an idealized time of one's life. In fact, I must admit it, atleast for me, it was/is both. It showed that being a teenager is just a time for growing up, experimenting and finding your feet (as cliched as that sounds, its a diffilcult task to capture on screen and something that has been achieved here). I'm just hoping that French school life isn't the same for me, as im hoping those days of being a socially awkward teenager are behind me. Or, perhaps, that's part of the experience of it all. The French Kissers is showing at Luna Cinemas from Boxing Day onwards with advance screenings over the current weekend.

On a side note, zee mother still hasn't installed the internet into my new house yet (currently babysitting my ex-next door neighbors and stealing their internet), so im still internet-less... sorry!! i just bugged her continuously to get it installed BEFORE xmas but with her you never really know when she's going to get it done >.< good news is, i have a whole pile of updates (like a bazillion) that ive taken over the past few weeks, so ill be able to upload them in one whole hit again! hope the internet world isn't missing me too much, because boy am i missing the internet world!

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  1. I really really want to see this! It's in French too, isn't it?

    (btw: I changed the URL of my blog. Sorry for the inconvenience)