November 09, 2009

Just a lil' update

(recent purchases: vintage 60's mini-dress, christopher kane for topshop blue dress, regina gard red roses dress)
(my study area)

The first few images are snaps of the 3 gorgeous dresses that i have bought over the past 2 months. The top pink one is this classic 60's mini-dress that i can just imagine styling with a simple strand of pearls and white gloves. I fell in love the first time i saw the rose petal dress (which was actually in a magazine so I had to order it, the first time it didn't fit quite right so had to be posted back to sydney and the new size posted through. Alas it is here!) I havent really had anywhere to wear them too though... they are waiting, much like myself, for the post-exam parties!

The next snap is of my lovely holga camera, which i have mentioned in previous posts. i haven't really used it an awful lot, but as soon as i do snaps will be uploaded immediatly!

I recieved the most gorgeous flowers to wish me luck in my exams from a friend of mine. They have been lighting up my rather dreery study desk, i did however manage to color code the australian constitution to parts of the syllabus. yeah, the things you come up with when you're procrastinating. i have however found it quite handy. I walked out of my discrete exam 2 hours early today, i was so bored and couldn't be bothered finishing it. The things i love, i'll pretty much become obsessed with. I'll study it all the time, and constantly get into debates over it. i'll research it, and know every detail about it. With maths however, i just have no interest and thus motivation. Oh well, i shall never have to do another maths equation ever again. and the thought of that is making me want to study for my literature examination which is tomorrow afternoon.


  1. love all those dresses!! and beautiful flowers to..not long til leavers! x