November 14, 2009

Blue Ponies and White Skies

This is my groups short film made for our year 12 media class. All music is copyright free, and it was completely written, directed, produced and edited on a 0$ budget by the 4 members of my group (myself included). i don't usually ask for comments, but feedback would be much appreciated so that we can improve for our next production :) enjoy!

ps. there's no sound at the beginning for a reason, don't go checking your speakers haha


  1. I'll watch it later cause this computers fucked, but are you sure you're allowed to upload it yet?

  2. i loveeeee (:


  3. uhm Jade this is really really good I DID NOT GET BORED (which = GOOD). Also because I love Sophie and think she is one of the most beautiful people everrrr I think she was such a perfect choice <3

    I'm currently learning how to have constructive opinions on things so bare with my lack of opinion..but I love love loved the changes in pace (is that what you say for film? speed maybe?) That was such a fantastic idea. The only I didn't quite get was the jump from her trying to write a story to being invisible...but that may have just slipped past me and in fact...that probably didn't even NEED to be explained hahaha