November 17, 2011

arvust_shirt Sporadic blog posts ftw. It's mainly because I haven't taken my camera out in about a month, due to exams and Viv being in Sydney for the past couple of weeks. I've just been hibernating away, studying and watching heaps of television. Only another week and everything will be over.

Yesterday I took a well deserved break (not really deserved at all) from my non-existent study and went on the hunt to buy some uber cool boys clothes for my boyfriend (he has about 3 shirts which he alternates between, and two pairs of jeans both with holes in them...) I ended up buying myself some guys shirts from General Pants too (seriously, the skater tomboy thing is still running through my veins). I really can't resist leaving General Pants empty handed, it's like some sort of crime or something. The first two shirts were raglans (2 for $50!), which I've wanted since I started skating. Technically I'm supposed to be sharing them with him, but whatever, they are amazing. He actually bought some really cool cheap monday chinos and a pair of jeans which look really nice. The other shirt I bought was this Arvust yellow, white and blue striped organic cotton shirt (pictured) which is actually the most comfiest thing ever and fits really nicely. I've also been needing glasses for the majority of this year now, but kinda procrastinated getting them as they really make me look like a downright hipster. But after studying for these exams, I've realised that the actual health of my eyes is probably more important than caring what people think haha.

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