October 13, 2011

C088493-R1-01-36AC088493-R1-02-35AC088493-R1-03-34A Film from Phuket! Like I've previously mentioned, there is extreme vignetting because I used my digital lens on my film camera. However in these snaps I kinda like it. Looking over this roll, it really made me want to go back to the leisurely days of reading and contemplating existence. University and life is just far too complicated and stressful right now. coughfirstworldproblemscough. One month til exams! Eeeeep!

I bailed on Hip Hop Karoake at the Bird and Jugular at the Fly By Night Club this evening to go to Viv's house, watch AusNTM and make Viv cook me eggplant & mushroom tempura. The contemplative midnight bus ride home was very refreshing too. Best decision ever.

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