September 01, 2010


This is a drawing that was drawn as a parting gift from my group of friends in France. Each person in my group of friends drew themselves (if you look closer you can see that each person is drawn in a different style), and if you ever saw any one of them in real life you'd see that they look identical to there animated counterparts. The quality of this photo really doesn't give it justice (I took it of my phone). It is probably the most amazing thing that I have ever recieved, and it currently hanging in my room where I can stare at it for hours on end. I am still truly speechless whenever I look at it and you have to look at it up close just to see the attention to detail that was put into it. Every time that I look at it, I notice a new detail that I hadn't before. I have no idea how these people can draw just so damn well... They are amazing people, and I miss them all greatly.


  1. I love it how all of their individual drawing styles complement each other. It's kind of Tim Burton-esque!

  2. funny you say that actually, they were all massive Tim Burton fans!