August 31, 2010

(holga 120mm)

I remember this day crystal clear in my head. I remember that it was one of the best days that I spent in France. Here is a journal excerpt from where this very photo was taken, dated May 22nd 2010;
"I'm writing this journal entry whilst sitting on a window sill that is just big enough for one person, breathing in the french air and gazing over several typique petit french gardens. The sun is setting over the city of Tours - the city in where i'm writing this from - despite it being a quarter past 10."
It's weird reading back on everything, recently i've found myself in a little bit of a rut. I don't regret for one second not starting university this semester (many people have said that I would get bored and live without direction), however things have slowed down significantly and the dramas of life seem to have re-emerged (how come Perth is so dramatic all of the time?) I feel like I need something to distract me from all these petty things that usually wouldn't bother me as much as they seem to be doing. Tonight I had a very in-depth discussion with an old friend of mine who is still on exchange overseas about our experiences and these emotions that I am feeling. She convinced me not to even let these days be wasted- that despite being back home that they should still be seized. That everything that I had learned overseas shouldn't be lost. She convinced me to sign up for French classes as soon as possible, so that my French isn't lost. But not just my French, but that I shouldn't let all my mental gains be lost too. That I should get out of my bedroom every single day and discover the city, that I should treat everyday back here as though it was an adventure, like I used to when I was away. I'm going to start reading more, eating healthier, and save my money so that I can return to Europe as soon as possible. I seemed so much more motivated to do all these things in my journal entries, but I seem to have completed not a single one since returning. However, speaking to my good friend this evening has made me realise that everyday could be an adventure, you just have to make it one.

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